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After twelve years of ministry in south Florida, Kate and I are excited to share with you that Omar is preparing to begin a new job as the Leadership Development Director with a church planting network in Boston. Looking back over our time in FL, we see how God has been preparing us for this unique position. In the local church, regional networks of pastors and leaders, and internationally, I have been fortunate to have had opportunities to gather, train, coach/counsel, and encourage fellow pastors and ministry leaders. A significant goal of our ministry in Florida has also been helping the local church reflect more of the cultural and racial diversity of its community. This is a great need especially in regards to church leadership.

Kate has worked with me in both of these aspects of ministry.  Together we have coached ministry couples in a variety of contexts.  She has also been working towards helping churches be more proactive in ministering to immigrants and refugees.

Working for the church planting network at Christ the King in Boston is going to provide us the opportunity to pursue both the development of leaders and racial diversity of leadership. We hope to do this in a way that will be a blessing to the church in Boston and the Northeast, in particular, and to our denomination as a whole.

This position is a missionary endeavor. Boston is a beautiful but spiritually needy place. There is no generational or broad base of significant resources within Boston going to evangelical churches. We are inviting you to be a part of what God is doing in this important city.

Omar and Kate

Omar and Kate

Elisha (10) Asher (9) Lenna (6) Asa (2)

Elisha (10) Asher (9) Lenna (6) Asa (2)



We are excited about living in Boston. The rich cultural and racial diversity along with the history of the city make it an amazing place to live, work, and play. It is also one of the largest college towns in the country with over 50 institutions of higher learning.

Boston is a spiritually needy place.  Studies conducted by Barna suggest amazingly low numbers of English speaking evangelicals in the city.  At the same time it is clear that the church has a growing presence among immigrant and minority groups in Boston.  My hope is to help strengthen and build the English speaking church and help establish more minority and immigrant churches through the development of church planters.



Christ the King

Christ the King was planted in 1994 as the first PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) church in Boston. The following year it partnered with a Brazilian church plant to form a new multi-cultural church in Boston.  Its purpose was to engage the city in all of its cultural, educational, and economic diversity.

In 2009 Christ the King adopted a multi-congregational model and started its Church Planting Center to coordinate all of its church planting activities. As a result, congregations have been planted throughout metro Boston. These are all local congregations—“kingdom communities” for their neighborhoods bringing glory to God and joy to the city.



Leadership development director

Christ the King created the position of Leadership Development Director in order to accelerate its church planting efforts in Boston and the Northeast. My role will be to recruit, mentor, coach, and disciple pastors, interns, and seminary students for the purpose of planting more churches. The church’s goal is to plant churches that reflect and reach the social, cultural, and racial diversity of Boston. To accomplish this goal, Christ the King will need to have a pipeline of interns and seminarians of different races and ethnicities at any given time.







% of Teaching Elders in the PCA

* "Other" includes pastors of Brazilian descent.

Minority Leaders

I’m in the PCA because a pastor took the time to disciple me, a young Hispanic man, when I was in high school. But it took ten years from when I first started attending that church for me to be ordained as a pastor. I would not be in the PCA if it wasn’t for the men and women who invested in me over the years. It is their investment in me that makes me want to invest in the next generation of minority leaders for the church. My desire is to see more minority leaders in the PCA so that we can reflect the beauty and diversity of Christ’s church; but that takes time and intentionality. As the Leadership Development Director at Christ the King I will be able to devote time and attention to developing minority leaders.

Right now if a church wanted to call an African-American pastor to plant or pastor it would have only 58 candidates to choose from.  If they wanted to call a Hispanic American they would have 36 candidates to choose from. Over the past few years there has been a growing recognition in the PCA of the need to recruit, develop, and send out more minorities as pastors. This is a lot easier said than done. I want to help address this need, not just for Boston, but for the PCA.


Partner with Us

To serve in this position, we need to raise support. As you read above, Boston is a spiritually needy place. Christ the King, the oldest PCA church in Boston, is only 20 years old. The other nine congregations in Boston are all plants of that one church. There is no generational or broad base of significant resources within Boston going to evangelical churches.

This kind of missionary endeavor is not possible without the support of Christians in other parts of the country. The church planting center director, church planters, interns, and even some of the pastors who have been in Boston for a long time all continue to raise support. Simply put, what Christ the King is trying to do wouldn’t be possible without the help of others.

We are not simply asking you to support our family as missionaries to Boston. We are also inviting you to be a part of what God is already doing in this important city.  An increasing gospel presence in Boston will have a significant effect on the spiritual climate of the Northeast.


We have already seen God’s amazing provision in our support raising efforts.  When we began, we needed to raise a total of $450,000.  Through the support of family, friends, local churches, and foundations we have been able to raise just over $360,000.  Would you prayerfully consider helping us to close the gap on our support for our first three years of ministry as missionaries to Boston?

You can support us with a one-time gift, monthly support, or anything in between.

Number of Gifts             Gift Level            Total at Level             Cumulative Total
             1                         $20,000                     $20,000                      $20,000
             1                         $10,000                     $10,000.                      $30,000
             3                         $ 6,000                     $18,000                       $48,000
             3                         $ 4,000                     $12,000                       $60,000

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     Remainder                $ 4,000                     $ 4,000                        $90,000


We already have over 100 prayer partners who have committed to pray intentionally for our family, our ministry, and the church in Boston. Would you be willing to join our prayer team? 

We send monthly prayer updates via email so that you can pray with us and for us.